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  • Emily Jarvie

Roving Reporter Discovers: Scales Jewellery

Updated: Jun 25

Reporter was pleased to discover that Scales Jewellery has recently joined the roster of local makers stocked at Peggy's Emporium, 141 South Street.

Dundee-based Alana Pirie utilises a variety of materials - including resin, polymer clay and even natural gemstones - to expertly handcraft each piece of jewellery. Scales Jewellery can regularly be found at makers matkets, both locally and across the UK, where the intricate details of these quality pieces can truly be appreciated first-hand!

Now you can browse an ever-expanding range of Alana's celestial-inspired jewellery right here in St Andrews. Peggy's Emporium are proud to stock a selection of necklaces and earrings starting at just £8.50 (correct at time of writing).

Shop the complete Scales Jewellery collection on Etsy >> click here!

Keep up-to-date with Alana's flourishing small business on Instagram: @scales.jewellery

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