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Meet your Cover Artist: VALCOVIAC

Updated: Jun 25

My name is Grzegorz Walkowiak, but everyone over here calls me Greg. I moved from Poland nine years ago and, since then, I've made the beautiful old town of St Andrews my home.

I've always had a passion for visual storytelling. From a young age, I found solace and excitement in capturing the world around me through the lens of my camera. My photography journey has flourished since I took my first steps in this green land, and I can't help but find new inspiration for creative projects wherever I look.

In addition to the stunning landscapes of Scotland, my main inspirations are the music videos of my favourite artists and, most importantly, the people who model for me. I love presenting them as the characters I have intuitively created in my imagination and bringing them to life in the portraits I take.

Anyone who would like to see more of my photography work is welcome to visit my website

In addition to photography, I am also a digital illustrator specialising in comic-style character illustrations. If you're interested in hiring me or collaborating, feel free to email me at:

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