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St Andrews in Focus - Issue 82 May / Jun 2017

From the Editor

Flora Selwyn

“The smiling Spring comes in rejoicing,  
And surly Winter grimly flies;”

Rabbie Burns.

Well,officially it’s supposed to be spring. But in late March as I write, “surly Winter” has dumped snow on half the country, and sent a biting wind to blow around St Andrews. By the time this magazine appears it should all have improved; at least I sincerely hope so! Swallows and martin should be arriving. Let’s wish they’ll come to warm sunshine, with the promise of summer.

Observant readers will have noticed a number on the right side of the cover’s masthead. The British Library’s ISSN UK Centre has assigned an ISSN number to the magazine; that is, an International Standard Serial Number. It is a privilege to be thus recognised, and should add to the prestige of the publication. It will also permit a barcode to be added in future, if required. No point in standing still!

Flora Selwyn 

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