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St Andrews in Focus - Issue 88 May / Jun 2018

From the Editor

Flora Selwyn

Asked about articles in previous issues of the magazine I have to resort to my Easyfind indexing system. In fact, as soon as I’ve finished working on one issue I’m already on track with the next one. That I so easily forget what I’ve only just finished has bothered me for some time, invoking excuses, such as those Senior Moments, and all that. I therefore feel mightily encouraged by an article Kate Chisholm wrote recently in the Spectator on the same subject of forgetfulness. She quoted Dostoevsky. In a letter to a friend he confessed that rereading his own novel Crime & Punishment, which was about remembering, he realized he had forgotten most of it! Kate Chisholm puts it down to, “Too much information to take in, too little time to process it. The result, too much
forgetting.” That makes me feel heaps better! Thought I’d pass it on!

Flora Selwyn

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