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St Andrews in Focus - Issue 73 Nov / Dec 2015

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Flora Selwyn Nov/Dec 2015

A confession: Facebook overwhelmed me. I’ve opted out I’m afraid. Call me a coward, call me an ignoramus, but it became a bit of a nightmare taking up too much of my time without anything positive to show for it. Has anyone else suffered the same disappointment, I wonder, or is it only me? I suppose it has something to do with age. My 20 year old grandchildren tell me that ‘the younger generation’ (not them!) are ‘digital natives’, which no doubt goes some way to explain why they are so adept at social media. I admire them for being able to navigate without, apparently, losing direction – or do I imagine that? How I wish I could come back in the future to see how it all pans out, it’s so intriguing.

For the present, however, Christmas and Hogmanay beckon. I wish everyone a very happy, joyful Festive Season, followed by a Reet Guid New Year!

Flora Selwyn 

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