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St Andrews in Focus - Issue 72 Sep / Oct 2015

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Flora Selwyn Sep Oct 2015

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Listening on the radio to the BBC World Service recently I was switched on to the Science Hour. Among the several fascinating items covered (including details of the findings so far on the planet Pluto) there was one about trees, a subject also dear to my heart! In Melbourne, Australia, a map of the town’s trees was published with the intention of getting residents to report damage etc so that the authorities could either make replacements or repairs, see: www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-33560182

Trees are essential to cities; in hot countries they cool, in all countries they absorb pollution and exhale oxygen by day, acting as lungs for the physical and psychological health of residents. To the surprise of Melbourne’s city council, as well as reporting problems for attention, people began emailing love letters to the trees! These ‘treemails’ have apparently gone global. An idea for St Andrews, for Scotland? Our trees are in dire need of loving attention; some have not been replaced (South Street), many need correct pruning (Abbey Street, the Scores etc). Make your feelings known, our trees really are precious.

Flora Selwyn 

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