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St Andrews in Focus - Issue 76 May / Jun 2016

From the Editor

Flora Selwyn May 2016

Trying to please all the people all the time is a very tricky business. Some would say it’s impossible; with the proliferation of interest groups in St Andrews I’m tempted to agree. What is it with people that they can’t come together to manage a common cause, but that they have an association for this, a group for that, and a society for the other, each claiming that they exist to work for the benefit of the town. I fear, however, that if they did all unite under one umbrella they would then quarrel with each other, human nature being what it is. Whoever solves this human conundrum would rule the world (but would it be any better?) All the same, in the recent past there used to be such a thing as polite debate, leading to compromise, whereas today the disgruntled resort to slanging matches: ‘O tempora, O mores’! Is there even such a thing as a fresh approach? Bring back polite debate for starters. Then put your trust in Lady Luck.

Flora Selwyn 

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