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St Andrews in Focus - Issue 89 Jul / Aug 2018

From the Editor

Flora Selwyn

Pulling up dandelions in the garden set me thinking about choice – why this flower and not that one? Looked at dispassionately, dandelion flowers are really beautiful. By the roadside they add colour in the springtime, just like all the other wild flowers. Ah, say I to myself, I know what you’re thinking! If I leave them alone they’ll soon colonise the entire garden, shoving out other plants I value. Now I wonder, isn’t that the way people are also often regarded? Let this lot in and before you know it they’ll have taken over. Do you call that prejudice, or the outcome of experience? Which comes first? Maybe six of one, half dozen of the other? I really don’t know, but that’s the thing about gardening, it gives one ideas, along with the exercise!

Flora Selwyn

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